Find out what is being said about the inaugural production at the newly opened open air theatre with our review round up…

Photo by Harry Elletson

WhatsOnStage: **** “Hardwick’s production has terrific pace, energy and a commendable lightness of touch, and features stellar performances. SuRie is best known as a recording artist (and the 2018 UK Eurovision contestant) but proves herself an endearing musical theatre leading lady, delivering a turn of big-hearted charm and surprising complexity as Annie.”

The Arts Desk: *** “So there’s still some of the “show” of “show business” to iron out at this new venture, but it’s a unique experience and, if it’s not quite everything it could be just now, it has considerable potential for the future.”

Broadway World: **** “SuRie is perfect as Annie; likeable, funny, with hints of vulnerability and the audience roots for her from the start. Charlie McCullagh is also excellent as Frank Butler, with just enough rugged charm and swaggering allure to make you see what Annie finds so appealing.”

London Theatre1: ***** ” All in all, this is a most enjoyable evening – especially after the interval when the lighting (Adam King) can be seen to its full advantage once darkness has fallen. Impressive also is the sound design (Richard Carter/Max Alexander-Taylor) which for a change ensures that the actors rarely sound as if they are wearing radio mikes: the sound is perfectly natural and always at the right volume!”

Musical Theatre Musings: **** “Annie Get Your Gun at Lavender Theatre is a wonderful chance to see this classic musical in a beautiful setting performed by a talented cast and orchestra.”

Photo by Harry Elletson

The Stage: **** “Eurovision singer SuRie stars in an exuberant open-air revival, directed by Simon Hardwicke, that features joyous performances.”

West End Best Friend: ***** “Annie Get Your Gun is the perfect choice for the Lavender Theatre’s first season. Energetic and enchanting, hopefully this is the start of a sensational summer space even if the weather doesn’t cooperate!”

Musical Theatre Review: ***** “The prolific Berlin – his work ranged from ‘Alexander’s Ragtime Band’ to ‘God Bless America’ – would have been delighted to hear his best work sung with such clarity, not only by the leads but there is a strong ‘I’ll Share It All With You’ from Joseph Vella as Tommy in the secondary show romance with Nina Bell’s Winnie. That duo’s song and dance routine on ‘Who Do You Love, I Hope’ is expertly choreographed by the multi-tasking director Simon Hardwick who also deserves great credit for ‘The Sun in the Morning’ sequence, performed with great gusto by the ensemble.”

All That Dazzles: **** “Former Eurovision contestant SuRie takes on the title role of Annie, and absolutely stole the show. Her portrayal of Annie was feisty, witty and energetic, providing some agency to a female character who traditionally was very much controlled by men. However, SuRie’s greatest strength is her voice. Listening to her take on Berlin’s score with songs like ‘Moonshine Lullaby’ was truly wonderful, with a tone that sounds reminiscent of old school Hollywood stars and a voice that cuts through the sometimes-tricky open air acoustics.”

Box Office Radio: **** 1/2 “The pace of the performance kept the audience engaged, and for such a lively, rugged show, the emotional scenes were handled well.  The chemistry between the two main characters shone out, both parts played to perfection. The part of Annie was played by SuRie (of Eurovision fame). The range and strength of her voice is amazing, and she held the show together.  She was well supported by Charlie McCullagh who plays the handsome, arrogant and bigoted Frank Butler with warmth, humour and gentleness.”

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