We round up the reviews for the dancer’s show, playing at the Royal Opera House until the 30th July.

(c) Tristram Kenton

Broadway World: *** “In terms of the pros: the evening defines Acosta as the Benjamin Button of the dance world. It reconfirms he’s still hugely adored by his punters, and alludes to the fact some people never truly leave the stage, even when they have.”

The Guardian: *** “At heart this show may be about reliving memories, but Acosta is undeniably one of the greats – and one of the art’s great advocates too, about to launch a new dance centre in Woolwich, London. It would be churlish not to cheer this supremely hard-working star.”

Evening Standard: *** “Paradoxically for a star celebration, the evening’s glory was Carlos the perfect partner. For all his glamour, Acosta was never a competitive partner – he doesn’t sideline his ballerinas. Here, he beautifully reunited with Marianela Nuñez, the Royal Ballet’s sumptuous leading lady. They were cerebral in Apollo, gravely romantic in Swan Lake, delightedly carnal in Manon. He balanced Nuñez on staunch shoulders, cradled her in strong arms. They shared an affecting two-way tenderness, each determined that the other will feel safe and look good.”

The Telegraph: ***** “The beloved former Royal Ballet star has lost none of his strength, star power or virility as he celebrates his 50th with a 5-night gala run.”

The Arts Desk: **** “thoughtfully and lovingly designed programme, topped only by him bringing his three daughters onstage for the curtain call. One of his six-year-old twins seemed even more excited to be there than he was. A memorable showcase for a treasurable man.”

Express.co.uk: “He is still a commanding presence and strong performer and, crucially, he continues to connect and communicate with his audience, to delight and inspire them.”

The Stage: **** “Carlos Acosta’s birthday gala is well-chosen and places the ballet star in the well-deserved limelight alongside fellow dancers from the Royal Ballet, BRB and Acosta Danza.”

The FT: **** “The evening was enthusiastically received but definitely dragged in places. Acosta’s own Dying Swans and his cliché-ridden 2015 Carmen (delivered with undeserved verve by Acosta Danza) were among the makeweights but his energy, artistry and generosity of spirit were massive compensations.”

Bachtrack: **** “There is no one quite like Carlos Acosta. The Cuban-born dancer, like Rudolf Nureyev before him, has inspired generations of young people to become ballet dancers, and in Acosta’s case, young Black boys, in particular. He has always had the gift to light up the stage with his warmth and personal magnetism, allied to his superb dancing skills, and he is, today, perhaps the only living male ballet dancer in the United Kingdom who is a household name.”

Carlos at 50 continues to play at the Royal Opera House until the 30th July.


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