We chatted to the founders of The London Cabaret Club about setting up the company and its latest show Copacabana.

Hi, could you tell me a little bit more about The London Cabaret Club? The London Cabaret Club is a unique experience in the heart of the capital which combines world class entertainment with fine dining and impeccable service. The Cabaret is situated in the iconic Bloomsbury Ballroom, a beautiful Art Deco space in Holborn the reflects the elegance and grandeur that The London Cabaret Club has to offer.

How did the idea for the company come about? We are both deeply passionate about music, dance, theatre and gastronomy and we spotted a gap in the market for a one of a kind type of luxury event that combined all of these. Originally starting as a ‘pop-up’ roaming troupe staging individual events, our first show was a resounding success – the famous ballerina Darcy Bussell happened to attend and gave us a standing ovation after the first act, which really inspired confidence! Since then both the company and our productions have gone from strength to strength, especially since we moved in to our permanent home at The Bloomsbury Ballroom, where we continue to develop and grow to this day.

What do you hope to offer audiences that come along to your shows? Our shows contain a plethora of elements that take in expertly choreographed dance routines created by our Artistic Director Doni  (a dancer himself and the first ever Venezuelan to perform at Paris’ Moulin Rouge!), with many other exciting and creative endeavours designed by our CEO Evelina. The costumes of each performer are always a spectacle to behold and beyond this there is always top tier vocalists, often awe inspiring acrobatics, sometimes powerful illusions and magic and generally a whole host of surprises that keep our audiences on the edge of their seats! Combining this with seasonal menus and signature drinks that relate to the theme of the show rounds off our offering as something that only we can provide – we hope our audiences leave the venue with excitement in their minds and a warm glow in their hearts! 

Your current production is Copacabana, what can you tell me about that show? Set over three distinctive acts, the new show will guide audiences through a trio of concepts based around the ‘Copacabana’ theme, beginning on the sun-drenched shores of Rio Di Janiero, surrounded by samba dancers in exotic costumes bringing the intense yet exciting vibes of carnival season to the heart of the capital. Act two focuses on a very different ‘Copacabana’ – the world-renowned New York City nightclub, notorious for its celebrity clientele that featured early performances from the likes of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis – a much fabled setting used in a plethora of award-winning films. Act three introduces ‘Lola The Showgirl’ – the Latin dancer immortalised in Barry Manilow’s iconic ‘Copacabana’ theme tune.

How do you go about deciding what show you want to put on next? We both engage in a meticulous brainstorming process, taking in to account how we can continue to celebrate the vibrant and multi-cultural heritage that Britain has to offer. We also strive to keep everything relevant and up to date, both playing to our individual strengths as CEO / AD and Artistic Producers.

What do you enjoy the most about being involved with The London Cabaret Club? We absolutely love our team of immensely talented artists who transform our dreams in to reality and equally we love to see our audiences react to their performance.

What are the future plans for the company? Look out for our exclusive Halloween Show ‘El Dia Of The Dead’ coming up for one weekend only. Following that we have our brand new production ‘Roxy Rocks Chicago’ coming up in 2024 which is absolutely not one to be missed.

By Emma Clarendon

To book tickets for Copacabana and to find out more about The London Cabaret Club visit: https://www.thelondoncabaretclub.com/


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