We round up the reviews for Adrian Edmondson and Nigel Planer’s comedy starring Rufus Hound and Samuel West .

(c) Pamela Raith

Broadway World: *** “It’s tough humour, not always politically correct nor consistently hilarious. All aspects of their personal lives and careers are ammunition: on-set misdemeanours, past scuffles, sexual escapades – everything. It’s somewhat of a potboiler for the easily pleased punters and industry professionals; funny, but far from a knee-slapper and rather insulated in its genre of jokes. Their punches are ruthless and the piece is deliciously self-referential, though its real strength lies its unexploited dark side.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “Rachel Kavanaugh’s deft, pacy production doesn’t belabour the metaphor and skilfully brews an atmosphere of mounting panic that periodically breaks through the urbane surfaces of this trio of self-absorbed characters. Although they’re each, in their own way, quite comically awful, the flawless acting and the sparkle of the writing ensure that these selfish, damaged people remain likeable throughout.”

The Stage: **** “This revival of Adrian Edmondson and Nigel Planer’s midlife-crisis comedy finally finds its feet with pitch-perfect casting and skilful direction.”

The Reviews Hub: **** “The brilliance of this show, aside from the comedy factor, is the believability. Whether you’ve worked with cast or crew before or not – it comes across as very genuine, with neither the characters nor the lines feeling forced or under-created. Edmondson and Planer’s silly yet still witty humour is easily woven throughout every point in the script, with Hound, West and Neururer expertly becoming their characters and delivering an excellent show from beginning to end.”

London Theatre1: ** “There is no joy or intrigue in watching two such men and a paper-thin stereotype – erupting volcano or not. Despite some fine timing and delivery from its cast, It’s Headed Straight Towards is an utterly uninspiring ‘who cares’ fest.”

Islington Gazette.co.uk: “But the script sparkles with bright, clever dialogue that had the audience crying with laughter and it seems the Park has another hit on its hands.”

All That Dazzles: **** “At times, I wonder if this play should have been named It’s Headed Straight Towards The West End – at least, that’s what I hope happens with this darkly funny comedy. Packed to the brim with punchlines, and with three great performances at its core, It’s Headed Straight Towards Us is another excellent outing for the Off-West End Park Theatre. Pacy, witty and laugh-out-loud funny, it’s a brilliantly entertaining evening.”

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