We take a look at what is being said about the gallery’s latest exhibition….

Birth of the Milky Way by Peter Paul Rubens. (c)Photographic Archive Museo Nacional del Prado Madrid

The Guardian: ***** “Rubens is a painter’s painter. No great artist communicates the sheer fun of holding a paintbrush like he does. He’s an ebullient chef, laying on thick sauces of glinting, creamy colour. And women were his favourite ingredients. He lavished his attentions on them clothed and naked, at prayer and in bed. The intimacy and warmth of the results make Dulwich Picture Gallery’s show Rubens & Women a riotous feast.”

The Telegraph: **** “The Dulwich Picture Gallery’s clever show rescues the Flemish painter from accusations of lechery by showing a different side of his work.”

The FT: “Rubens & Women, Dulwich Picture Gallery’s delightful, modestly scaled new exhibition, achieves what decades of blockbuster shows have failed to do: it wins sympathy for Rubens the intimate, sincere, convincing artist of the heart.”

iNews: **** “Rubens & Women argues the depth and complexity of the artist’s relationship with the women in his life, but also explores his dedication to painting real bodies. Classical statuary was a key source in the Renaissance, but Rubens didn’t want to paint women with the smooth perfection of marble.”

To book tickets for the exhibition visit: https://www.dulwichpicturegallery.org.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/2023/september/rubens-women/


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