We round up what is being said about Madonna’s new world tour, featuring many of her biggest hits.

The Guardian: **** “You could see the Celebration tour as a capitulation, an artist in her 60s finally admitting her history is what really matters. Equally, you could view it as Madonna playing to her strengths: as Like a Virgin and Ray of Light boom out over the O2, those strengths seem very strong indeed.”

The Independent: ***** “She makes us feel young as she bops to “Into the Groove” before playing a snatch of the 2016 Billboard Awards speech in which she spoke out against ageism in the industry, telling us that “the most controversial thing I’ve done is to stick around”. In doing so, she continues to inspire fans to hang onto their own fire; to refuse to give up or shut up. We should never forget how much Madonna changed the world – hers is a life and a legacy worth celebrating.”

BBC.co.uk: “The star looked and sounded incredible throughout, moving from one elaborate set-piece to the next with conviction and power, despite the knee support she required for a recurring injury.”

The Daily Mail: **** “If this show has a problem it’s that it’s rather too long, too self-indulgent – and has too many pretentious interludes. I can see why – the body of work is huge, and there’s a lot of ground to cover. Plus, at 65, she needs her rest breaks. But the main issue, I think, is that she seems to have slightly misjudged her audience.”

The Telegraph: **** ““It’s good to have me back, right?” declared Madonna. Judging by the roaring response, it was presumably a rhetorical question. Back from the brink of death, Madonna was determined to show that age and illness have robbed her of none of her daring moves, edgy charisma and transgressive pop instincts.”

Variety: “True, the lack of a live band occasionally makes things lack a little punch (most notably on a glitchy “Die Another Day”). But overall, tonight shows that while – just like 40 years ago – Madonna still doesn’t know how to quit, boy has she learned how to come back.”

Evening Standard: **** “Despite being widely billed as a greatest hits set, it felt more like an artist’s memoir in live show form, with some left-field set choices including the trancey Björk collab Bedtime Stories, live rarity and Erotica ballad Rain, and the divisive Bond theme Die Another Day.”

Rolling Stone.com: “Much like the singer herself, tonight’s opening show is two hours of overblown, indulgent fun that refuses to dance to the beat of anyone else’s drum. She owns this mantra herself late on, with a montage that looks back at all the detractors – Cher to name but one – who have slung insults at the Madonna throughout her career.”

iNews: **** “It’s a show unlike any other I’ve seen: a spectacle so wild and zany that I can’t quite believe it actually happened. We’re so lucky that Madonna realised from day one that she was Madonna. Long may she reign.”

Metro.co.uk: **** 1/2 “The multi-Grammy Award winner stuck close to her roots, continuing to promote bold and beautiful sexuality as she has always done since the start of her stardom, breaking down barriers and taboos when it comes to both women and age.”

NME.com: ***** “The whole thing is a thrilling reminder that Madonna isn’t just a pop star, but also a cultural force who genuinely changed the world by chafing against what society expects from women in the public eye. That’s something worth celebrating in the dazzling, dynamic and at times slightly discombobulating way she presents it here. Really, you wouldn’t have her any other way.”

To find out more about the tour visit: https://www.madonna.com/tour