Find out what is being said about this musical adaptation based on the 1995 film now playing at the Manchester based theatre.

(c)Pamela Raith

Theatre & Tonic: **** “With an exquisite original score from Lewis Flinn and gorgeous choreography from Jane McMurtrie, To Wong Foo The Musical, takes the audience back to 1990s small town USA. Although it still makes us consider acceptance, change and growth which is something that is definitely needed in the times we are currently live in with an increase of anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric and division.”

The Telegraph: **** “This dazzling and unapologetically sentimental adaptation of the 1995 film shows how innovative the small Hope Mill Theatre is.”

WhatsOnStage: *** “For all the extravagance and originality of Gregory Gale’s costumes, the carefully curated ecstasy of Jane McMurtrie’s high-energy choreography and the efforts of a hardworking cast, this feels like a work-in-progress rather than the finished article. There’s so much to enjoy here already, one can only hope the creatives find the wherewithal to push through and turn it into something really special. At the moment, she’s pretty…but she could be beautiful.”

The Reviews Hub: **** 1/2 “While it may initially seem another Priscillaesque clique ‘drag queen road trip’ bit (and it is), it’s also a testament to the transformative power of theatre and its ability to uplift and inspire- perhaps that’s exactly what we need right now. The theme of the value of acceptance, not just from others but from yourself and the necessity of striking out on your own to achieve your dreams will resonate with many. There are times when a production seems to transcend the stage, raising the roof and lifting its audience with it. To Wong Foo The Musical is one such gem – a true showstopper that demands an encore – not to be missed!” “The production is a visual feast, with eye-popping costumes, energetic choreography, and standout performances that capture the essence of the characters.”

(c)Pamela Raith

The Stage: *** “Upbeat fantasy of queer and racial acceptance”

Manchester **** “It’s Ru Paul’s Drag Race meets country – it has attitude, is iconic and simply just dazzling. This celebration of drag is for both drag enthusiasts and newcomers, and it’s definitely not one to be missed.”

North West ” There was an immediate uplift when the action shifted to the town after the interval (Welcome to Snyderville) and the show took on a much more recognisable shape of musical theatre production. With the weight of performance shifted from the three leading drag queens towards the wider cast, characters such as Carol Ann (Carolyn Maitland) and Clara Pearl (Susie Fenwick) came to the fore, Maitland particularly shone with her heartfelt plea to escape domestic abuse and the drudgery of her existence (Maybe Tomorrow). Happy resolution to the tale was reached with an hilarious ‘Spartacus’ moment involving the local Sheriff Dollard (Duncan Burt), an uplifting message (It Will Be Beautiful) and a cabaret style conclusion.”

British Theatre Guide: “It’s a fun and idealistic show with a thin, predictable plot that may remind some of elements of Priscilla Queen of The Desert and Kinky Boots but without the depth of either of those shows. There is a fair amount of wit in the script, largely delivered by the excellent Haney as Noxeema, and an ending that probably deserves the overused word “feel-good”. The songs vary in style from disco to 1940s female close-harmony (sung by the tyres on the car) to country to modern pop musical.”

(c)Pamela Raith

To Wong Foo the Musical continues to play at the Hope Mill Theatre until the 17th December.


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