We chatted to Sarah about starring as Lorraine Baines in Back to the Future the musical.

Credit: Johan Persson

Hi, how does it feel to be joining Back to the Future? It feels very special to be joining Back to the Future as it is such an iconic movie and show.

What was your first experience of the film? My first experience of the film was through my brother. He was obsessed with the film when we were younger.

How did you react when you found out that you were going to be part of this production? I cried all my make up off on the top floor of Pineapple Dance Studios! Then I walked down to the Adelphi Theatre and stood outside it, crying like a baby. I was so happy.

How do you see your character, Lorraine Baines? Lorraine is a very strong minded woman, especially because of the times (1950s/80s). She really is a gift of a role to play.

Have you got a favourite aspect of the show? The song Something About That Boy is a favourite because it feels like a full production within one number. There are illusions, special effects, so many costume changes, fights, light sabres… you name it!

For those who have yet to experience Back to the Future, what can they expect? You can expect nostalgic fun for everyone of all ages!

By Emma Clarendon

Back to the Future is currently booking at the Adelphi Theatre until July 2024. To book tickets click here.