The production will run at the Omnibus Theatre from the 16th January until the 3rd February.

Proteus has announced the full cast and creative team for or Indestructible written and directed by the company’s Artistic Director Mary Swan, heading to the Omnibus Theatre in London next year.

Mary Swan is set to direct Danny Charles (Christian), Paul Huntley-Thomas (Robin) and Mary Rose (Catherine) in a production which will incorporate AI imagery, projections and original music into Proteus Theatre’s usual style.

Catherine Shaw spent the 90s shocking the art world with her provocative performance art. She’s always called herself a feminist, but looking back through the lens of #MeToo, she’s questioning how much she enabled the culture she now sees being called out. An ambitious Curator approaches her to put together an exhibition of female Artists at a major new gallery; a scandal breaks and unwittingly caught in the centre, she begins to question everything.  

When men behave in unacceptable ways, why do we always point to the women close to them and ask why they did nothing?  

Can we, and should we, separate the art from the artist? How far do the ripples of consequence spread? And why is it always women who must hold the moral space? 

Talking about the play Mary Swan said: “Indestructible is by turns dryly funny and caustic about the machinations of what it means to be a female Artist, whilst also asking serious and vital questions about cancel culture and accountability.

“Taking photographer Lee Miller’s identity as a Surrealist as inspiration, the show uses a myriad of visual theatrical styles and techniques. Multi-disciplinary Artist Christopher Harrison has created animations and AI-generated digital projections, at once unsettling and beautiful, to propel the action inside and outside the mind of our central character. It is a show we want the audience to discuss, and argue about, long after they have seen it.” 

Meanwhile, the creative team behind the production includes: Animation and Projection Design by Christopher Harrison, Set and Costume Design by Sam Pine, Lighting Design by Joe Hornsby, Dramaturg and Digital Artist Paula Varjack, and Dramaturg Saul Jaffe.

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