REVIEW: The Mermaid of Black Conch by Monique Roffey

Unique in style this gentle and thought provoking book is clear sighted in the way in which it examines themes of love and loss. This is a book like no other that I have read. Written with a lyrical style that captures this love story with such honesty and yet lack of sentimentality, The Mermaid… Read More

Love London Love Culture’s Picks of the Week: Sunday 21st March 2021

Here’s a guide to some of our most popular reads of the week including the best interviews and reviews that we have shared this week… Interview with Newtion Matthews: in one of our favourite interviews of the year so far, the actor chatted to us about starring in Dean Johnson’s filmed production of the musical… Read More

Interview With…Paul Clayton

The actor chatted to us about his new book The Hoax set to be published on the 1st April. Hi Paul, thanks so much for talking to me. Could you tell me a bit more about what The Hoax is about? The Hoax is about friendship and kindness and promises we make to one another… Read More

Interview With…Ken Rea

We chatted to the author of The Outstanding Actor: Seven Keys to Success about the book and his advice for actors when the theatre industry reopens again. Hi Ken, could you explain more about what The Outstanding Actor is about? It’s basically about how to be more successful as an actor. The point is that there… Read More

NEWS: The Theatre Cafe and Mazz Murray Collaborate on New Cookbook

The London theatre cafe and West End star have announced the release of And 5, 6, 7, EAT a new cookbook featuring recipes provided by a host of stage performers and creatives.   The Theatre Cafe have announced that they have collaborated with West End star Mazz Murray to release a ‘Stagey’ cookbook packed with… Read More

Love London Love Culture’s Picks of Books Inspired by Greek Mythology to Read

Editor Emma Clarendon loves Greek mythology and even more so books inspired by these fascinating tales. Here’s five books that she wants to read… Ariadne by Jennifer Saint: set to be published on the 29th April, this debut novel is one that I’m really excited to read as it brings to life another Greek myth… Read More

Love London Love Culture’s Ten Books Looking Forward to Reading: March 2021

Here, Emma Clarendon selects some of the books that she is most looking forward to reading when they are published…. The Thursday Murder Club 2 – Richard Osman: having recently read and enjoyed the first book (in what looks like could be a series?), this latest novel is one that is high on my list… Read More

NEWS: The Queen’s Gambit to be Adapted into a Musical

It has been announced that Walter Tevis’ book that inspired the Netflix series is set to be made into a stage musical. Although the musical is set to be unrelated to the Netflix series, which has won numerous awards since it premiered in December, it will be adapted from Walter Tevis’ 1983 novel. The Queen’s… Read More

NEWS: New Poetry Competition Launched to Celebrate Key Workers

Titled Poetry For Good, the competition has been announced just ahead of World Poetry Day (21st March). Celebrating everyone who has worked hard during the pandemic including teachers delivery drivers, office cleaners and nurses, Poetry For Good wants to celebrate their contribution and raise the profile of their work through poetry. With this new competition… Read More

REVIEW: A Net for Small Fishes by Lucy Jago

This darkly intriguing book brings to life a scandal that shocked King and country in the 17th Century. As someone who enjoys historical fiction, I was immensely intrigued by the story behind Lucy Jago’s debut novel that follows two women right at the centre of the death of Thomas Overbury. Written in a grippingly vivid… Read More