Review Round Up: Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Tate Modern

We round up the reviews for the Tate Modern’s exhibition exploring the work of the abstract artist and designer. The Observer: ***** “To see her work at Tate Modern is to be immediately uplifted. The show opens with small watercolours that play glowing rectangles against triangles, squares and discs. They look like the art of… Read More

Review Round Up: Hamlet, Theatre Royal Windsor

We round up the reviews for this eagerly anticipated production of Shakespeare’s tragedy starring Ian McKellen. WhatsOnStage: *** “There was nothing I was watching that wouldn’t have been equally or better served by simply listening to it. For all its apparent modishness, the production is stodgily old-fashioned.” The Independent: **** “The actor returns, agog with… Read More

Review Round Up: The Invisible Hand, Kiln Theatre

We round up the reviews for Indhu Rubasingham‘s revival of Ayad Akhtar’s play at the Kiln Theatre. WhatsOnStage: **** “It’s the sort of juicy, thorny, knotty one-room play that gets the blood pumping – remarkable given that extended passages just see two men argue while looking at a laptop screen.” The Guardian: **** “Indhu Rubasingham… Read More

Review Round Up: Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare’s Globe

We round up the reviews for Ola Ince’s production of Shakespeare’s tragedy. iNews: ** “But while Ola Ince’s passionate but ultimately crude reinvention makes an admirable attempt to say something new, it obliterates the play’s nuance in the process.” The Guardian: **** “This is a high-stakes rewiring of Romeo and Juliet with so much energy and cleverness… Read More

Review Round Up: Doctor Who Time Fracture

We round up the reviews for the latest immersive experience to arrive in London. SW “The Mayfair-based show leans heavily on its incredibly intricate set and costume design and impressive performances from a willing cast to keep you engaged and invested as you hurtle from set to set, but that’s no bad thing as… Read More

Review Round Up: After Life, National Theatre

We round up the reviews for Jack Thorne’s adaptation of Hirokazu Kore-eda’s film of the same name now playing at the National Theatre. Evening Standard: *** “Herrin’s staging, a co-production with Headlong, is fluent and pleasing. It just feels a bit light, a bit airy-fairy, a bit meh, frankly, for these times and for the… Read More

Review Round Up: Bach & Sons, Bridge Theatre

Find out what critics have had to say about the world premiere of Nina Raine’s new play at the Bridge Theatre…. The Financial Times: *** “But while it’s consistently absorbing, the play never quite gets under the skin of the material. Russell Beale is every bit as charismatic as you might expect: spry, funny, suddenly… Read More

Review Round Up: Happy Days, Riverside Studios

We round up the reviews for Trevor Nunn’s 60th anniversary revival of Samuel Beckett’s Play. The Guardian: *** “The fear and foreboding of the second half never quite feel sufficiently full-bodied, perhaps because of the big shift in tone from the first. Dwan’s performance is compelling, but there is the sense that there is a… Read More

Review Round Up: Four Quartets, UK Tour

We round up the reviews for the world premiere production based on T.S Eliot’s Four Quartets, currently touring the UK.   Oxford Mail: “rather than worry too much about what everything meant, I simply sat back and marvelled at a truly memorable performance by great of stage and screen.” The Guardian: **** “If I have… Read More

Review Round Up: Thomas Becket: Murder and the Making of a Saint, British Museum

The British Museum highlights the murder that shook the Middle Ages in this exhibition that explores the life and legacy of Thomas Becket. The Guardian: ***** “The British Museum’s mind-expanding exhibitions have taken us to many cultural wonderlands, but this trip to medieval Kent is truly far-flung.” Evening Standard: ***** “The show brings home both Becket’s… Read More