NEWS: Akram Khan’s Jungle Book Reimagined to Premiere at Leicester’s Curve Theatre

Akram Khan Company and Leicester’s Curve Theatre have announced that the choreographer’s new work will premiere at the theatre from the 2nd to the 9th April 2022. With tickets going on sale in the coming months, this reimagining of Jungle Book directed and choreographed by Akram Khan will be written by Tariq Jordan, with dramaturgy by Sharon Clark, and… Read More

REVIEW: Until the Lions, Akram Khan Company, Roundhouse

 There is no denying the powerful choreography is mesmerising to  watch, yet Until the Lions lacks a strong plot narrative. Inspired by the South Asian tale of Amba (or Shikhandi as she transforms to), which was reimagined in Karthika Nair’s Until the Lions:Echoes from the Mahabharata, Akram Khan powerfully reimagines this story to offer an intriguing interpretation of this tragic story. Unfortunately, while the dancing is consistently spirited and intense to watch throughout, the story seems to… Read More

Rehearsals Begin for Akram Khan’s Until the Lions

Images for Akram Khan’s first performance at the Roundhouse as well as his first production staged in the round have been released as rehearsals begin for Until the Lions. The show is inspired by the Indian epic Mahabharata , an ancient Sanskri epic and is set to be one of his most startling and introspective works… Read More