Love London Love Culture’s Favourite Books of 2018

Here’s Love London Love Culture’s top ten favourite books of the year – including works by Robert Galbraith and Neil Gaiman… The Riviera Set by Mary S. Lovell: beautifully bringing to life the glamorous lives of all those who paid a visit to the Riviera from the 1920’s all the way up until 1960, Mary S.Lovell writes with great detail and vividness. Her descriptions of the parties and the characters whose lives she has… Read More

REVIEW: Les Parisiennes: How the Women of Paris Lived, Loved and Died in the 1940s by Anne Sebba

This meticulous book of how the women of Paris coped with the German occupation in the 1940’s is filled with tales of great bravery and tragedy.  There is a tendency in history books to concentrate on the hand-to- hand combats that took place during the Second World War – but what about those ordinary people… Read More

Review: That Woman by Anne Sebba

This extraordinary biography of the Duchess of Windsor allows readers to see beyond the woman who was vilified by the press during the Duke’s abdication of the throne in the 1930’s. From the very beginning of her life, Wallis Simpson or the Duchess of Windsor as she became later known as she suffered hardships that… Read More