Interview With…Julie Drake

We chatted to Julie about Miss Margarida’s Way, playing at the Drayton Arms Theatre until the 9th October. Hi Julie, could you explain what  Roberto Athayde’s play is about? On return from studying abroad, Robert Athayde wrote the play, Miss Margarida’s Way in 1971 as his  response  to the dictatorship in his country,  Brazil ,at… Read More

REVIEW: Baby, Drayton Arms Theatre

Intimate and endearing; Baby is relatable for people at every stage of their lives. Baby is a musical that tells the story of three couples each facing their own troubles with pregnancy and family. Its contemporary musical sound has been composed by David Shire along with witty lyrics by Richard Maltby Jr, whilst this production… Read More

PREVIEW: Ordinary Days, Drayton Arms Theatre

After a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year, Streetlights, People! Productions’ revival of Ordinary Days returns to London from the 21st November.  Ordinary Days is an award-winning musical following the parallel lives of four New Yorkers struggling to find meaning in the madness: Claire, who can’t let go of her past; Jason, determined… Read More

PREVIEW: Orbits, Drayton Arms Theatre

The Drayton Arms will see the lives and egos of German playwright Bertolt Brecht and Hollywood film star Charles Laughton clash in Wally Sewell’s Orbits.  Orbits follows the planet-sized egos of left wing German playwright Bertolt Brecht and Hollywood film star Charles Laughton as they negotiate the translation and adaptation of Brecht’s play Life of… Read More