REVIEW: Dinomania, New Diorama Theatre

Kandinsky manage to bring this fascinating story to life  with bundles of imagination and energy – but it all feels rather rushed.  Following the discoveries of Gideon Mantell and his quest to prove just how creatures adapt and evolve over centuries, Kandinsky’s latest production is a lively but chaotic affair that doesn’t feel as though it explores the topics it covers deeply enough. This is a real shame as it is a fascinating story which… Read More

Review: Russian Dolls, King’s Head Theatre

 The winning  entry for the 2015 Adrian Pagan Award, Kate Lock’s Russian Dolls is a powerful and heartwarming story of two very different characters and how their worlds collide together unexpectedly.  Kate Lock’s fascinating and fierce play Russian Dolls has plenty to say about the state of Britain and why the two most vulnerable groups… Read More

PREVIEW: Russian Dolls @King’s Head Theatre

The King’s Head will stage Kate Lock’s new drama that celebrates cross-generational relationships and the virtue of self-determination from the 5th to the 23rd April.  Hilda is blind, lives alone, and is visited by a carer once a week. Camilla is a young offender looking for her next mark. A surprising and curious relationship sparks… Read More