NEWS: West End Transfer Announced For New Musical Public Domain

It has been announced that the new British musical will play for five performances only at the Vaudeville Theatre. Playing at the Vaudeville Theatre from the 27th to the 30th May, Public Domain originally made its digital debut at the Southwark Playhouse earlier this year. Written by Francesca Forristal and Jordan Paul Clarke, the musical… Read More

NEWS: Public Domain Extends Encore Streaming Period Until the 31st January

The new musical, filmed at the Southwark Playhouse has confirmed that due to popular demand it has added extra opportunities for people to watch it. It has been announced that Public Domain, written and performed by  Francesca Forristal and Jordan Paul Clarke will now be available for people to watch until the 31st January due… Read More

REVIEW: Public Domain, Southwark Playhouse (Online)

This brand new musical examines the positives and negatives of social media. Love it or loathe it, social media has certainly helped us all connect with each other over the years – but most particularly given the events of the last twelve months in particular. Having started the show exactly a year ago before the… Read More

Interview With….Francesca Forristal and Jordan Paul Clarke

The duo spoke to Emma Clarendon about their new musical Public Domain being live streamed from the Southwark Playhouse on the 15th and 16th January. Could you explain a bit more about what Public Domain is about?  Think, a musical Black Mirror about The Social Dilemma. But at an electronica rave, in a teenager’s bedroom.… Read More