Love London Love Culture’s Picks of the Month: February 2021

We round up some of the most popular reads available to catch up on for February – including the BBC’s special programme celebrating musicals and reviewing Bonnie Macbird’s new Sherlock Holmes adventure. Review of BBC’s Musicals: The Greatest Show: it was a bit emotional seeing some of our favourite West End stars doing what they… Read More

Love London Love Culture’s Picks of the Week: Sunday 21st February 2021

Here’s what has been proving popular on Love London Love Culture this week… Preview of Georgia’s Fantastic Tavern: Where Europe Meets Asia: we have shared details for the upcoming online festival, taking place from the 25th to the 28th February. Marking the the centenary of Soviet invasion of Georgia and 30th anniversary of independence, it is a… Read More

REVIEW: Covet Firmament: A Coward in Love/Perennial, Living Record Festival

This is just two of a whole selection of pieces provided for Living Record Festival. First of our two selections that I decided on was the 15 minute monologue A Coward in Love – an almost poetic piece recounting one traveller’s story of his life and how he has got to this point in his… Read More

REVIEW: Nevergreen, Living Record Festival

A love letter to nature but a warning to protect earth and its creatures – examined by Rachel Carson, a woman whose story has never been told. When we tend to think about environmentalists – we tend to think of those from the present day such as groups such as Extinct Rebellion and individuals such… Read More

REVIEW: The Vagina Duologues, Living Record Festival (Online)

Formed of three different zoom calls, The Vagina Duologues explores issues affecting women during lockdown. The first lockdown was a whole new experience for all of us last year. We had to learn to adjust pretty quickly and not being able to do any of the things that we had taken for granted. This is… Read More

REVIEW: Heads Or Tails, Living Record Festival

Skye Hallam’s thoughtful and warm play exploring life, death and everything in between, manages to cover a lot of topics in 40 minutes. Filmed at the Jermyn Street Theatre, this funny, poignant but insightful play by Skye Hallam explores fears, life, death in a way that is surprisingly reassuring. At the centre of this one… Read More

Love London Love Culture’s Picks of the Week: Sunday 7th February 2021

Here’s a guide to what has been proving popular this week on Love London Love Culture. Review of A Bloody Shambles, Living Record Festival: this week, we took a listen to Ella Dorman-Gajic’s audio drama focusing on the sensitive topic of periods and being able to afford the feminine hygiene products needed to support women… Read More

REVIEW: A Bloody Shambles, The Living Record Festival

Written and performed by Ella Dorman-Gajic, this sensitive and honest audio drama highlights a topic that is seen as taboo by many – periods and more specific period poverty. A twenty minutes long, this sensitive but frank audio drama really captures what half the population goes through on a monthly basis – menstruation and everything… Read More

Interview With…Emma Brand

We chatted to the theatre-maker and performer about performing her show The Stove as part of The Living Record Festival. Could you tell me more about The Stove is about? The Stove is about gathering. I know that’s a strange answer because you think a show should be about a topic or a character, and… Read More

REVIEW: Breaking Up With Reality, Nod at the Fox, Living Record Festival

Written and performed by Eden Harbud, Breaking Up With Reality highlights the conflicting emotions that people have been feeling during lockdown. It is very difficult to really put into words the feelings of loneliness and disconnection with reality and life since this whole pandemic begun, but with this poetic and engaging monologue, Eden Harbud sensitively… Read More