NEWS: Dominic Monaghan Joins the Cast of The Kindling Hour

Swamp Motel’s latest experience is set to begin performances on the 24th February. It has been announced that The Lord of the Rings actor Dominic Monaghan will be joining the cast for the third part of Swamp Motel’s online experiences. He will be making a cameo appearance alongside Batsheba Piepe (Don Quixote – Garrick Theatre) and… Read More

Love London Love Culture’s Picks of the Week: Sunday 7th February 2021

Here’s a guide to what has been proving popular this week on Love London Love Culture. Review of A Bloody Shambles, Living Record Festival: this week, we took a listen to Ella Dorman-Gajic’s audio drama focusing on the sensitive topic of periods and being able to afford the feminine hygiene products needed to support women… Read More

Five Immersive Online Experiences to Book…

Wanting to enjoy some theatre with a twist? Here’s Love London Love Culture’s guide to five online immersive productions that you will want to have a look at…. Sherlock Holmes: An Online Adventure – The Case of the Hung Parliament: Les Enfants Terribles bring their unique flair and talent to the world of Sherlock Holmes… Read More

NEWS: Swamp Motel Announces New Production The Kindling Hour

This is the third instalment in a trilogy of live works, following on from Plymouth Point and The Mermaid’s Tongue. For those who have played the previous two instalments, The Kindling Hour will be the final piece of the puzzle, placing audiences right at the heart of a chilling underworld in a bid to bring… Read More