Interview With… Emily Curtis & Lauren-Nicole Mayes

LLLC’s Emma Clarendon chatted to the actresses about starring in Eggs at the Tristan Bates Theatre. Could you explain a bit more about what eggs is about? Emily: Eggs is a story based around two female friends in their mid-twenties. The women are polar opposites in personality, one is climbing the corporate ladder – feeling the… Read More


REVIEW: Spiders, Tristan Bates Theatre

Love London Love Culture’s Kirsty Herrington reviews Spiders playing at the Tristan Bates Theatre as part of the Camden Fringe.  The title might suggest otherwise, but thankfully Spiders isn’t a stage version of 1980s film Arachnophobia. Although the play, performed at the Tristan Bates Theatre as part of the Camden Fringe, does refer to the… Read More

REVIEW: Getting Over Everest, Tristan Bates Theatre

While the play offers a bit of comfort for those struggling to move forward in their life in a warmly affectionate way, Getting over Everest seems to run out of things to say towards the end.  Libby is going through a tough breakup. This leads her to do all kinds of things – including leaving… Read More

Interview with…Rebecca Vaa and Billie Collins

Director Rebecca Vaa and writer Billie Collins spoke to Love London Love Culture about bringing ‘Spiders’ to the Tristan Bates Theatre as part of the Camden Fringe.  Could you tell me a bit more about what ‘Spiders’ is about?  Billie Collins: Spiders is about the friendship between Harry and Mia, two squatters taking refuge in… Read More

NEWS: Final Casting Announced for San Domino

Full casting has been confirmed for the upcoming production based on Mussolini’s infamous persecution of homosexuals, playing at the Tristan Bates Theatre from the 5th June.  Written and composed by Tim Anfilogoff and Alan Whittaker, San Domino is a story of love, loss and a struggle to survive directed by Matthew Gould. One night in 1939, Carlo, Claudio… Read More

REVIEW: The Gulf, Tristan Bates Theatre

Despite the strong performances and production itself, The Gulf as a play meanders with no real sense of purpose or direction.  Making its European premiere, Audrey Cefaly’s The Gulf is unfortunately an extremely frustrating watch with little for the audience to react to as two women confront the gulf in their relationship, with conversations becoming… Read More

REVIEW: Love Me Now, Tristan Bates Theatre

Michelle Barnette’s blistering debut examines the way relationships between men and women have changed, explored through one woman’s casual two casual relationships.  Raising lots of questions about what casual dating really means and the very thin lines between love and casual sex, Michelle Barnette’s debut play is extremely perceptive about attitudes towards relationships and how… Read More

Interview with…Matthew Gould

Director Matthew Gould spoke to Love London Love Culture about the upcoming European premiere of Audrey Cefaly’s  The Gulf at the Tristan Bates Theatre.  Hi Matthew – thank you for talking to Love London Love Culture. Could you tell me a bit more about what The Gulf is about?  The Gulf is a play about two women… Read More

Inside the Rehearsals of… Love Me Now, Tristan Bates Theatre

Rehearsal images have been released for Love Me Now, Michelle Barnett’s debut play arriving at the  Tristan Bates Theatre from the 27th March. Here’s a glimpse of what has been happening in rehearsals… She’s a cool girl.She’s independent. She doesn’t worry about what she eats. And she fucks whoever she wants. But when casual sex… Read More

REVIEW: Glass Roots, Tristan Bates Theatre

This second production in the Tristan Bates Theatre is gripping and uncomfortable to watch – but doesn’t really tell the audience anything new about racism or bullying that hasn’t already been told before.  There is certainly plenty of abuse and accusations thrown around in Evan Keele’s engaging and intense production that leaves the audience uncomfortable… Read More