Interview With…. Hannah Bristow

Emma Clarendon chatted to the actress about starring in A Passion Play as part of 45North and Ellie Keel Production’s Written on the Waves project. Hi Hannah, could you tell me what A Passion Play is about? It’s a play about two teenage girls in Ireland involved in their local parish’s Passion Play retelling the… Read More

Interview With…Mary Higgins

Mary Higgins chatted to Emma Clarendon about her and Ell Potter’s new audio play called Lem N Ginge: The Princess of Kakos, narrated by the Olivier Award-winning Sharon D. Clarke. Thanks for talking to me. Could you tell me more about Lem N Ginge: The Princess of Kakos? Hello! Yes. I’m Mary, co-creator of Lem N Ginge with… Read More