When I was younger I didn’t have One Direction to cheer at. I didn’t even go to any concerts until I was about 11 really – so I missed out seeing Take That live when they were around the first time.

Since coming back on to the scene, I have now been privileged enough to see them three times now. In 2009 for the Circus tour, 2011 for Progress and now 2015 for the first time as threesome.

Take That 2015 016

As ever, it was a bright, colourful and bold affair that delighted the audience from beginning to end. If Jason’s departure had shaken Gary, Mark and Howard’s confidence then it definitely didn’t show at all.

I attended last night’s concert with a friend who hadn’t yet heard their latest album III, which is filled with songs that are confident and enjoyable to listen to (yes I’m aware that I’m writing as a fan here – but I genuinely believe its true).

As ever, there was a good balance between classic songs such as ‘Back for Good’, ‘Pray’ and ‘Never Forget’, through songs from more recent albums such as ‘Shine’ and ‘The Flood’ and of course songs from the new album i.e. ‘These Days’ and ‘Flaws’.

Take That 2015 037

I have to admit that I was slightly cynical about whether the live shows would work now that they were a three man band, but my fears were blown away by the fantastic production elements that seem to get even better every time that I see them performing.

So with this in mind, it was so lovely to see the guys give their personal thanks to the band and the cast of performers – showing once again why they are some of the nicest men in the music business (take note Simon Cowell!).

Throughout, there is plenty of energy and pace that the audience thoroughly enjoy – even if they occasionally become a little bit flat during song less familiar (the audience that is not any of the performers) which I found surprising.

The scale and imagination that goes into a Take That show is absolutely mind blowing so if you haven’t been to see them before I urge you to – even if you aren’t the biggest fan of their music because you will enjoy the show whether its down to the fans enthusiasm sweeping you away or the production and creativity of the show.

Take That 2015 104

I should also mention Ella Henderson, who has been supporting Take That on their tour. She has an amazing voice that really fills the O2 Arena perfectly and showcasing some brilliant tracks from her debut album (which I will be going out and purchasing at the first opportunity!)

So after 25 years – have Take That still got it? Of course they do! They know exactly how to throw a party in style – long may it continue!


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