Top 10 Perfect Films to Watch over Summer…

Now I’m not talking about the latest releases in the cinema but rather films that have been out for a while and really reflect the summer months perfectly. Of course I should say (like on the X Factor) this is in no particular order.

1. Mamma Mia – you really don’t get any more of a sunshine vibe from this musical turned film. Ok yes some of the singing is slightly dodgy but put that aside and you have a joyful, light hearted story set in Greece – what isn’t there to love?

2. Emma – ok well this film isn’t predominately set in the summer, there is still something about this film that is perfect for summer viewing. Jane Austen wrote several beautiful novels that have translated well for the big screen (yes you might see another one on this list) , filled with wonderful characters and a plot that is easy to follow.

3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding –  what’s a family without some drama? In this hilarious but heart warming film. A Greek unmarried woman decides to take her life into her own hands and in doing so shakes up the entire family. Again, it is easy to follow and enjoyable to watch.

4. Grease – who doesn’t love a return visit to Rydell High? Set during the final term before summer breaks up and before the seniors leave there is plenty of singing and dancing to get through first! I think this is a perfect summer film because it is silly and plenty of laughs are involved. Yes it can come across as slightly cheesy but that is part of the reason why it is so endearing as well.

5. Sense and Sensibility – well I did warn you there would be another Jane Austen on the list! This time the tale of two sisters (Emma Thompson won an Oscar for her screenplay adaptation in case you didn’t know) shows warmth and affection with plenty of scenes featuring the English countryside in sunshine. Beautiful.

6. My Week with Marilyn – I really think that Michelle Williams did a brilliant job of playing Marilyn Monroe, a character who was immensely complicated. The film deals with its subject so sensitively and not over dramatise things which it could have easily done  and is delicate in touch and emotions.

7. Some Like it Hot – Over the summer there is nothing like sitting down and watching a good comedy to reflect your mood and hopefully the weather. This absolute classic film shows all of the actors and actresses involved at the top of their game. If you haven’t seen it you need to make this a priority.

8. Dirty Dancing – this was a surprise success considering its small budget but it has become the ultimate girls night in film to watch. The romance between Johnny and Baby captures how people feel when they are on holiday and looking for romance or in a relationship enjoying the summer weather.

9. Roman Holiday – when it comes to the summer we think of holidays and in this film we see a princess taking a holiday from her duties, seeing Rome through her eyes as she goes off on an adventure with Gregory Peck (an undercover reporter). It was one of the first films to film on location, showcasing a country that was rarely seen by Americans as travelling at that time was expensive.

10.  27 Dresses – the summer season also brings along a lot of weddings for people so what better film to watch than this filled with plenty of bride’s dresses but more importantly the bridesmaid’s dresses. I love this film as it focuses on the bridesmaid rather than the bride and takes a fresh look at the wedding industry.

That’s my top 10 for summer films – what would be yours?

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