Love London Love Culture’s Favourite 90’s Films

The 90’s was definitely a great decade for film and channel 5 recently showcased some of them in a  countdown, so here is a list of some of Love London Love Culture’s favourite films from the 90’s: 

Jumanji: you can’t not think of the 90’s without thinking of Robin Williams, who featured in some of the biggest films of the decade. This adventure film is the perfect blend of humour and action about an interactive board game that really brings to life the concept ‘it’s a jungle out there’. With a reboot in the works, Jumanji is still capturing imaginations now.

Jurassic Park: four films, one huge success – but the original is still the best! Yes ok the idea of dinosaurs being resurrected is pretty unbelievable, but you have to admit the visual effects and the terrifying twists and turns the film takes means that it keeps you on your toes throughout. When watching this when little, I was terrified of the whole lawyer getting eaten while having a private moment – but oddly it has sort have become one of the iconic scenes from the film.

Forrest Gump: this has to be Tom Hanks’s finest performance ever. His portrayal of Forrest Gump never fails to tug at the heartstrings – no matter how many times you watch it and is filled with so many iconic scenes that are so well put together that it is a pleasure to watch over and over again.

The Lion King: the music in this film is some of the best ever created – well what do you expect when Tim Rice and Elton John are involved? The story is also surprisingly grown up – about trying to find your way in the world as well as confronting your fears in an uncertain world, through the eyes of a cute lion! It has made millions at the theatre and has such a strong resonance with everyone who sees it.

Toy Story: how can you not mention this film? This is when animation began to change and without it and the people who created it, we wouldn’t now have the likes of Frozen or Finding Nemo to enjoy. Again everyone can relate to it because we all had a favourite toy that we would take everywhere with us and probably think of when watching Toy Story.

Matilda: it is always a worry when a beloved children’s book is made into a big screen spectacular – particularly when it comes to recreating Roald Dahl’s books. But actually, as a kid I adored this version that may have had a few differences but really tried to keep the heart of the story in tact and succeeded pretty well. Danny DeVito as Mr Wormwood and Pam Ferris as the terrifying Miss Trunchbull are two performances that are worth watching!

Shakespeare in Love: for anyone who loves the theatre and the work of William Shakespeare, this is a film that celebrates both in equal measure. Yes the plot is entirely fictional but the way in which it was written and produced makes it easy to believe that it could have happened. The all star cast is incredible, with Judi Dench memorably winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress as Queen Elizabeth I, when she appeared on the screen only for roughly 8 minutes!


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