Everyone has favourite songs over the summer months and at the moment with me it seems to be musicals that seem to reflect my good mood. Now part of that could be because I seem to be going to the theatre a lot but also there always seems to be a song from a musical that reflects what is going on in my life at the moment. So here we go, a list of my favourite musical tracks at the moment:

1. Any Dream Will Do: Joseph – as well as featuring some of the most catchy tunes in any musical that I have ever seen, Joseph also contains this song which seems to be really putting a spring in my step at the moment and really encourages me to think positively. Whoever thinks that musicals can’t help you personally is quite clearly wrong!

2. Mr Mistoffelees: Cats – although a lot of the songs in this musical are really playful, this one has to be my ultimate favourite! Brilliant rhythm and coming at the climax of the show it is sharp and difficult to get wrong – I always feel so happy and joyful when I hear this song. I’m going to be controversial here and say it is much better than that other better known song ‘Memory’…

3. We Go Together: Grease – of course most musicals finish with a celebration type song and Grease is certainly no different in that respect. For me this song brings good memories of leaving university and graduating with all my friends and looking forward to what the future might hold. Even now it brings a smile to my face and I always have to sing along to it no matter where I am!

4. Guys and Dolls – aside from being my all time favourite musical (I really can’t wait for it to come to London!) the title song is sharp musically and lyrically and in the film version filled with humour and fun that I really love about the musical as a whole.

5. You Can’t Stop the Beat: Hairspray – now I wasn’t familiar with this musical before I saw the film in 2007 but I automatically felt better (even though I wasn’t in a bad mood or anything) listening to this particular song. I genuinely felt that my life was better for listening to it – as silly as that might sound. I defy anyone not to love this song!

6. Who Wants to be a Millionaire?: High Society – I find this song so comical to listen to and I love the way in which Celeste Holm and Frank Sinatra perform it in the film. Not taking themselves or the upper classes as it were too seriously – in fact making fun of those who have a lot of money and not a lot to do with their time (well in the decade the film was made in anyway). Light hearted and jolly.

7. Mamma Mia – I have included this because well to be honest Abba’s songs were always going to make a solid basis for a musical. This particular title song really captures the fun spirit of the musical and of course the summer months – it has joy written all over it!

8. Wouldn’t it Be Loverly: My Fair Lady – another song about dreaming what life could be like, this is my favourite song that Eliza sings throughout the musical. Wistful and emotional I never can seem to resist singing along and is the song most likely to be running through my head randomly. I know there was a lot of complaints when the film came out that Audrey Hepburn didn’t really do the singing but having heard her version compared with Marni Nixon’s (DVD extra) I can’t help but feel that Audrey’s was better suited for the character. This is Audrey’s version:

9. Consider Yourself: Oliver – this is such a rousing tune that is so much easier to prefer this to Where is Love (a strong song lyrically but isn’t really going to be a favourite of mine) – capturing the spirit of the Artful Dodger and the city itself brilliantly!

10.  Do-Re-Mi : The Sound of Music – I find that this is a cleverly constructed song and is the most memorable song from the musical, although there are other equally strong songs. It is one song that many people are guaranteed to know all the words to!

What are your favourite songs from musicals?


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