PREVIEW: One and All @Somerset House

This new exhibition arriving at Somerset House in November is a journey through sight, sound and sea featuring three artists to guide visitors on their way.

Working with aural effects, poetry and art, Martyn Ware, Owen Sheers and Tania Kovats use their skills to create pieces that celebrate our connection with the British coast.

Dated: 01/07/2015   What Does The Sea Say?...  A sound sculpture by artist Martyn Ware (Heaven 17 and Human League) which has arrived at its first location on Nose’s Point, Seaham, Co Durham. The project allows people to experience a 3D soundscape of the seaside and gives users the opportunity to record their thoughts inside the Hut, which in turn will be reworked into an online artwork " One and All" available to experience online from November at
What Does The Sea Say?A sound sculpture by artist Martyn Ware .

One and All honours the 50 years of The National Trust’s Neptune campaign, that has helped to fund and care for the 775 miles of coastline. The exhibition has been commissioned by Trust New Art, The National Trust’s contemporary art programme and SoundUK, One and All is inspired by the work created and presents a fascinating journey along our coastline – both online and at Somerset House.

For those wanting to go on an immersive journey of the coastline can visit: , where you can listen to binaural recordings as you explore the work of each commissioned artist. Alternatively, you can come along to Somerset House and experience the translation of the digital project into the real world at the exhibition which overlooks the river Thames.

Martyn Ware’s 3D soundscapes ‘What Does the Sea Say?’ recalls his childhood visits to the Yorkshire coast. His bright blue beach hut has travelled across the UK this summer, with people given the opportunity to record soundbites about what the coast means to them.

Meanwhile, visual artist Tania Kovats’ Tide builds on her fascination with water and the sea. By using real-time data, her digitally animated drawings brings to life the UK tide, with spectators being able to pause or accelerate it.

Finally, Owen Sheers’s poem is inspired by his residency on the Gower Peninsula. Working in collaboration with film-maker Ben Wigley, the piece will take visitors on a audio-visual journey along the coastline from Paviland cave to Worm’s Head.

Alongside the exhibition will be a range of events including artist talks and debates featuring industry experts.

One and All is on at Somerset House from the 4th November until the 13th December. 

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