First Impressions of… Hello by Adele

After three years of waiting Adele has announced a brand new album and single all in the space of a week – much to the delight of her fans. She has described her latest album 25 as a make up album in comparison to previous album 21 which was very much a break up album. But what do we think of her new single?

Although the opening sequence of the video is a lot longer than probably necessary, making the viewer begin to feel impatient as to when the song actually starts, the song itself reveals that Adele is very much picking up where she left off.

Starting with a simple and stripped back performance with just a piano and Adele’s instantly recognisable vocals, the song picks up in dramatic fashion and finishes on a massive high.

Although the song might seem as though it is slightly sombre in its tone, you can still get a sense of hopefulness and how the song represents moving forward with your life by putting the past behind you and growing up.

There is definitely a sense that Adele has grown up and matured in the last three years and this song shows how her voice has matured and changed in that time as well.

The video is very stylish and simple, allowing the viewer to simply sit back and enjoy the stunning vocals in a way that is completely unique to anything in the charts at the moment.

All in all it is a very welcome return for Adele and is certainly destined for the number one spot and will certainly heighten expectations for the album.

Hello will be released on the 23rd October, followed by new album 25 which is available to pre-order now from Amazon

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