HiddenCity Announces Moriarty’s Game

City trail innovator HiddenCity  has announced a brand new immersive adventure for people to take part in from the 2nd December, with tickets available to buy from the 24th November.

Titled Moriarty’s Game , the new adventure is based on characters from Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel The Final Problem which was published in 1893.

This 28th trail created by HiddenCity will see players exploring exhibitions in a Mayfair Townhouse, celebrating contemporary architecture and drinking Georgian public houses as they attempt to solve puzzles that are sent through text message to find Moriarty’s safe house.

Costing £60 per team of four and starting at the RIBA on Portland Place, the three hour trail will see participants drawn to a secret location through a clue and asks a specific question about the surroundings. If those taking part give the correct answer, they will receive the next clue.

During Moriarty’s Game those taking part will be interacting with the real world. As they progress through the trail, adventurers might find themselves studying botanical books, inspecting chemical flasks or even delivering codewords as they attempt to uncover Moriarty’s true nature.

HiddenCity was created by two brothers who wanted to organise an alternative city experience for friends. HiddenCity now has trails operating in London, Manchester and Brighton.

People can take part in Moriarty’s Game daily from the 2nd December to the 31st March 2016.To book tickets visit inthehiddencity.com/moriartysgame.


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