NEWS: HiddenCity Announces The Hunt for the Cheshire Cat

HiddenCity has today announced its brand new adventure taking place in London from the 6th December. 


Designed for curious adventurers, The Hunt for the Cheshire Cat will see teams between two and five hunt down the Cheshire Cat who has escaped from Wonderland, following clues that are trailed across the capital.

This latest experience is inspired by the characters and scenarios from Lewis Carroll’s beloved story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The Cheshire Cat has come to London to test whether you, like Alice, can make sense of absurdity in the world around you. Your challenge is to find him on an adventure into the strange, surreal and absurd.  Uncover a darker side to Wonderland and, perhaps, yourself too………

Starting at the National Portrait Gallery and taking up to three hours, The Hunt for the Cheshire Cat will see players having to follow clues sent directly to their phone. It is a journey which will take players through galleries in search of reflection, descend into cellar vaults to ‘paws’ for drinks, dive into literary archives, sip tea from a suited Queen and decide who to trust.

Taking place across 3-4 hours, The Hunt for the Cheshire Cat is the latest experience from HiddenCity, following on from other adventures including Moriarty’s Game in which Sherlock Holmes’ rival Professor Moriarty challenges adventurers to find his safe house.

The Hunt for the Cheshire Cat will take place from the 6th December. For more information and to book for the experience visit:

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