Sadler’s Wells Announce World Premiere of Immortal Tango

Sadler’s Wells have announced that they will be welcoming back international tango star Germán Cornejo with his new company and the world premiere of their first dance in March 2016. 

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Immortal Tango will run at the Peacock Theatre from the 1st to the 19th March 2016, and will see Cornejo and other world class tango performers to bring to life the glamour of vintage Hollywood along with the intoxicating dance moves of Argentina.

Featuring 14 dancers, including Cornejo’s long-term dance partner Gisela Galeassi, a live band accompanies the dancers, capturing the sensual rhythms of Buenos Aires as well as the soulful vocals of Antonela Cirillo.

The music featured in the show includes the work of some of the most revered tango composers such as Matos Rodriguez and Piazzolla, which is mixed with Hollywood blockbusters popularised by Celine Dion, Adele and Madonna – all with a tango flavour.

Artistic Director and choreographer Germán Cornejo is widely acclaimed by critics and audiences all over the world as one of the leading tango artists around today. He is best known as the choreographer and lead dancer for Tango Fire, whose smash hit show Flames of Desire won Best Theatre Production in the 2015 UK Latin Awards.

Immortal Tango arrives at the Peacock Theatre from the 1st to the 19th March 2016. To book tickets visit: Theatre Tickets , Discount , Love and . 

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