Review: Carlos Acosta: A Classical Selection, London Coliseum

This evening is as much as a celebration of ballet as it is about the extraordinary talents of Carlos Acosta and the other members of The Royal Ballet. 


Celebrating 26 years on stage, Carlos Acosta has put together a selection of works that highlight some of his favourite pieces from the classical repertoire as well as showcasing the wonderful talent that can be seen on the stage thanks to The Royal Ballet.

From pieces such as the ‘Dying Swan’ to ‘A Buenos Aires’, there is plenty of variation that ensures the audience’s full attention from beginning to end.

But it is not only the choreography that is beautiful it is the way in which it is performed by Acosta and guests that really bring the pieces to life. Yuhui Chloe and Valeri Hristov’s performance of  section from La Sylphide is one such example of where the dancers are able to capture the characters perfectly through their movement and charm the audience at the same time.

Everything about the performance flows well, from the extraordinary movements of the dancers to the way in which the programme has been structured – everything moves with ease and elegance that allows the audience to appreciate what they are witnessing to the full.

But it is a show that takes you on emotional journey as well, such as in the Farewell pas de Deux from Winter Dreams, in which Tierney Heap and Thiago Soares really convey the drama and passion of the dance that is truly breathtaking to watch.

What of Acosta himself? His dancing in this production is so light, elegant and full of charm that it is difficult for audiences to take their eyes off him. By watching him perform Les Bourgeois, as well as the extraordinary dancing, Acosta is charismatic in his performance with his sense of humour and personality shining through constantly in the performance.

He equally proves that he can be as strong in support as taking the lead – as shown in the performances of Agon pas de Deux with Zenaida Yanowsky and Diana and Actaeon Pas de Deux with Marianela Nunez.

While the first act has a more traditional feel about it, the second has a more distinct latin feel about it that is exciting to watch – particularly A Buenos Aires, performed with strength and passion by Marianela Nunez and Thiago Soares that is a credit to the performers.

The show is a great balance, mixing  traditional ballet with a contemporary form of ballet that will thrill all audiences. It is consistent in performance value that show the drive and passion of all those involved and awe inspiring to witness.

If you are able to get your hands on a ticket, then you most definitely won’t be disappointed, the quality is of the highest standard and is definitely a privilege to watch.

Carlos Acosta: A Classical Selection is at the London Coliseum until Sunday 13th December. To buy tickets visit: Sadler’s Wells and English National Opera . 




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