It has been announced that Thriller Live  is now the 17th longest running musical to appear in the West End. 

ThrillerLive 17record Photo Irina Chira.jpg
Lead vocalist Dajiow and young Michael Jackson Eshan Gopal celebrate the news.  Photograph by Irina Chira. 

Last night the West End show played its 2,901st performance at the Lyric Theatre, passing Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit ‘Evita’ which opened in 1978 and became the 17th longest running musical of all time.

Currently booking until the 4th September 2016, Thriller Live is a production that celebrates the career of one of the most memorable performers of all time: Michael Jackson. Featuring hits that range from his time as part of the Jackson 5 such as ‘ABC’ to his biggest hits in his solo career such as ‘Bad’ and ‘Rock With You’, the show takes audiences on a journey throughout his 45 year music career.

The show will start its eighth year in the West End in January, before reaching another landmark: 3000 performances in London alone.

Producers Paul Walden & Derek Nicol said today: “Becoming the 17th Longest Running West End Musical of all time is yet another amazing milestone in the history of our show. Very few productions have ever run this long in the West End and we are grateful to the fans of Michael Jackson who have taken the show to their hearts.”

The show has changed since it first opened at the Lyric theatre in January 2009. A new version of the show opened at the theatre last month, which includes four new songs, new opening and new production elements such as costumes and special effects have now updated the production.

It continues to set and break new records as well as performing to audiences in new countries, with Egypt becoming the 32nd country to show the production in 2016.

Thriller Live plays at the Lyric theatre and is booking until the 4th September 2016. To book tickets visit: Theatre Tickets , Discount, Last, Love and .