If I Can Dream – Elvis with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Album Review

This latest number one album is an exquisitely arranged record that shows the rich variety of Elvis’s vocals. 

It is amazing how much this album reveals about the richness and variety of Elvis’s voice.  Those who have listened to his music know how distinctive his voice is anyway but by putting his voice with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra so much more is unveiled.

For example, the depth of his voice and how he manages to bring out every single emotion through every note that he sings is particularly apparent – such as heard on ‘Love me Tender’ and ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’.

By having the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra involved, it adds a sense of drama and additional passion, while at the same time complimenting Elvis’s voice perfectly for example on ‘Fever’ (with Michael Buble) it is a lovely stripped back and sultry performance – that captures the lyrics perfectly.

The arrangements stick pretty closely to the originals but still manages to draw out new emotions and sounds to the songs that sound refreshing and uplifting – such as on ‘There’s Always Me’ which has a lovely lullaby quality about it that is charming to listen to.

Another strong song on the album is ‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling’, which has a rawness about it that really makes you sit up and pay attention. Like many of the songs on the album, it feels like Elvis is singing from the heart and is very poignant to listen to.

All of the songs have been carefully selected and although those listening might feel as though they have heard it all before, if you listen closely there is always something new to appreciate  or discover about his approach to music.

It is an album that is refreshing to listen to as it offers people a new opportunity to appreciate his music – but not simply in order to make money from his voice but to continue to remind us what a unique talent he was.

If I Can Dream is a beautifully thought out album, deep and meaningful from beginning to end and a lovely tribute to a man whose voice and career still continues to fascinate today.

If I can Dream is available to buy on Amazon

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