This album filled with songs from popular films is fun, upbeat and filled with plenty of variety that is a delight to listen to. 

It has to be said that many of the songs that The Overtones have selected for this album have been covered quite a lot over the years, so it can be difficult to put a unique spin on them.

But the group have succeeded with a mixed bag of success to try and put a more modern twist onto songs such as ‘Do You Love Me?’ and ‘Breaking Up is Hard to do’, while trying to keep the rhythm of the original track.

The way in which the songs have been arranged have a quirky appeal for example ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ shows a more modern take, but still manages to keep what is special about the song in tact.

Yet, occasionally the songs feel a little bit rushed which in turn affects the quality of the vocals. This is particularly noticeable on ‘Breaking Up is Hard to do’, which sounds as though it has been put on fast-forward.

The album also feels slightly self-indulgent in terms of length – despite the songs being relatively short, the album itself with sixteen tracks means that it does seem a bit unfocused.

However, this doesn’t affect the infectious sense of fun that the album brings, which is evident on songs such as ‘Hit the Road Jack’ and ‘Shake a Tail Feather’.

All of the songs flow well from one to the other, while showcasing some classic tracks.  It has plenty of energy and enthusiasm from the group – even if in places some of the vocals are a little bit hit and miss.

Overall, it is a fun and enthusiastic take on songs from the movies but is perhaps lacking slightly in accuracy vocally but still a great album to listen to.

Saturday Night at the Movies is available to buy and download from Amazon now. 



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