Album Review: Get Weird by Little Mix

As Little Mix prepare to head off on tour, can the album itself ensure that fans will have a great time hearing the songs live? 

There is no doubting Little Mix’s ability to deliver great songs that are memorable for all the right reasons and refreshing in the charts, which is in serious need of some great pop music.

Their latest album Get Weird reveals a group that is going from strength to strength, filled with plenty of things to say and ways in which to say it. Singles such as ‘Black Magic’ and ‘Love Me Like You ‘ have plenty of catchy hooks to draw the listener in, while packed with attitude.

It is so refreshing to listen to an album that delivers pop songs in a way that reflects what listeners come to expect of music in the past 12 months but still has an element of straight forward pop fun involved.

The main strength of the album lies in the way that the songs are sharp, filled with attitude and most importantly strong lyrics – particularly on songs such as ‘Hair’ and ‘Grown’.

Throughout Get Weird there is a strong energy running through it, never letting up until the very end on ‘The End’ – a beautiful acapella track that showcases their harmonies perfectly. Although this energy and fast pace is fantastic, it can also come across as lacking in emotion that can make it difficult to appreciate the songs fully.

This is particularly evident on ‘OMG’ which just sounds superficial and unnecessary in comparison to the high quality of the other songs on the album. It is also difficult to understand the thinking behind ‘Lightning’ which production wise just sounds too chaotic to make any impact.

However, for the most part Get Weird is an album that is entertaining and enjoyable to listen to – particularly the early part of the album which is filled with plenty of high quality songs. It is light hearted and has plenty of variety that keeps listeners on their toes from beginning to end.

Get Weird is available to buy or download from Amazon now. 

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