Closing on the 16th January, this is the last chance for people to see Tom Holloway’s Forget Me Not at the Bush Theatre. 

Directed by Steven Atkinson, the play looks at the transport of British orphans to Australia between 1945-1968. The production opened at the theatre in December and stars Eleanor Bron, Russell Floyd, Sarah Ridgeway and Sargon Yelda.

Under an agreement between the British and Australian Governments during 1945-1968, over three thousand British children were told that they were orphans and sent to Australia with a promise of warmth, fresh air and opportunity. Instead they arrived at deprived institutions where neglect and abuse were seen as normal.

Tom Holloway’s play uncovers a secret that has been buried over time and exposes a world of historical injustices to light.

Here is what the critics made of the production:

The Stage: ** Natasha Tripney  wrote: “It’s a story that is still shocking and disturbing, but its potency is eroded by a bafflingly stilted production.”

The Guardian: *** Michael Billington felt: “Even if the play raises more questions than it answers, it is directed with ferocious intensity by Steven Atkinson.”

Evening Standard: **** Henry Hitchings found it: “a stirring testament to a generation of Britons robbed of their youth and the truth.”

Whatsonstage: ** Michael Coveney commented: “a good example of social issue theatre that operates as drama only by the drip-drip release of withheld information.”

Londonist: **** Stuart Black wrote: “this is an emotional thump of a play that will make you glad you have family around you over Christmas.”

British Theatre GuideKeith McKenna said: “Tom Holloway’s play gives us some idea of the trauma and its devastating effects.”

The Metropolist: **** Helena Cavell said: “The cast give a harrowing face to the historical facts.”

Theatre Guide LondonGerald Berkowitz commented: “Director Steven Atkinson is more successful in guiding the actors to rounded and sympathetic performances than in guiding the audience through the text’s twists and reversals”

Time Out: *** Bella Todd wrote: “This European premiere, co-produced by the Bush and HighTide Festival Theatre suffers from Floyd’s lack of range and a horribly heavy-handed soundtrack.”

Forget Me Not is on at the Bush Theatre until the 16th January. To book tickets visit: Theatre Tickets, Discount, Theatre, UK . 


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