Sheila Hancock and Jenna Russell have impressed critics in this European premiere based on the 1975 documentary. But what have critics thought of the production as a whole? 

British ***** Doug Mayo wrote: “You will be hard pressed to see a better production of this musical. The casting of Grey Gardens is near perfect.”

The Telegraph: *** Dominic Cavendish suggested: “Bin or restructure the first half, I’d dare to suggest even at this late stage, and unlike its stymied protagonists, this show could achieve a fully fulfilled and more roundly applauded life.”

Whatsonstage: *** Michael Coveney found: “the whole show never quite clicks into the idea it has of itself.”

The Stage: **** Mark Shenton thought it was: “A hauntingly textured musical makes its welcome London debut in a superbly acted production.”

The Independent: ****Paul Taylor called it a: “sharp, haunting musical.”

The Guardian: **** Susannahh Clapp summed it up saying: “Grey Gardens shows women in search of a stage, performing – imaginatively and absurdly – through their clothes.”

The Financial Times: **** Sarah Hemming said the production was: “delivered with customary snap and flair by rising director Thom Southerland.”

The Reviews Hub: **** Karl O’Doherty wrote: “In this musical’s case, the journey is more than strong enough to support the hazy end result.”

London ***** Dom O’Hanlon commented: “this has clearly been a labour of love for all involved, and not a corner has been overlooked.”

The Londonist: ***** Lettie Mckie found: “The result is carefully woven picture of the glorious past and tragic end of two remarkable women that reminds us both of life’s agonising frustrations and the enduring love between people who share it.”

West End Wilma: **** “But for fans of the original story and documentary, this is a well directed interpretation of a very interesting piece of history.”

Grey Gardens is on at the Southwark Playhouse until the 6th February. For more information visit: .