Album Review: People & Places by Clemens Pötzsch

This debut album from the pianist is filled with exquisite performances, but the overall vibe feels a bit tentative and neutral. 


With a light and delicate touch, Clemens Christian Potzsch has created in all senses of the word a beautiful and elegant album that flows with ease.

Compositions such as ‘See’ and ‘Eyes’ are filled with plenty of drama and thought – yet still have a sense of vulnerability about them that is charming to listen to from beginning to end.

However, at the same time the overall vibe of the album is neutral and perhaps slightly lacking in passion and enthusiasm that a listener would expect from a debut album. The one exception to that is ‘Auenwald’, which has a bit more urgency about it and excitement that adds a different layer to the album.

Many of the pieces are stripped back and simple, yet there is moments when People and Places adds extra layers of music that makes for interesting listening. One such example is ‘5210’, which is darker in tone in comparison to the rest of the album, yet there is a richness of music that adds more tension as it rises and falls in equal measures.

Everything about the music and the performances is delicate and Potzsch just sounds slightly more tentative than perhaps is usual on a debut album – but judging by the quality of music composed and performed on here there is nothing serious for him to worry about.

If it does sound slightly too neutral in places, then it is also an album that is thoughtful and carefully composed as listeners can hear on ‘For Fathers’ suggesting that People and Places has been a long time in coming.

Overall, the album shows a glimpse of  the talent that Clemens Potzsch has but has yet to fully flourish but when it does – it will certainly explode full of confidence and even more exciting music.

People and Places by Clemens Potzsch will be released through Two Rivers Records on Friday 22nd January. It is available to pre-order now through Amazon



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