Ever wondered what would happen if America’s bravest warriors came up against something that was completely uncontrollable – wonder no more in this action packed film Navy SEALS Vs Zombies…

Arriving on DVD on the 15th February, the film sees Michael Dudikoff star as Commander Sheer, the leader of a team of Navy SEALS charged with getting the Vice President from a situation that has gone wrong in New Orleans.

What the team don’t know is that the ‘situation’ in question is a viral outbreak that is very quickly turning the residents of the Big Easy into hoards of zombies and sometimes the bullets run out. The film also stars Molly Hagan as  a CIA  agent who knows a lot more than she lets on.

Not a film best suited for the faint hearted, but if you love a bit of gore and action then this film will certainly tick both of those boxes as you can tell from the trailer above.

Navy SEALS Vs Zombies will be available to buy on DVD from the 15th February from Amazon





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