It has been an exciting year for films in 2015, what with the release of Jurassic World and Star War: The Force Awakens to name just two – but 2016 is also set to be a great year as well. 

Kung Fu Panda 3:  this third instalment involving the loveable panda Po, sees him facing his biggest challenge yet.Reunited with his real father, together they travel to panda paradise but soon news spreads that the evil Kai is going across China beating all the Kung Fu masters – so it is up to Po with the help of his furry friends to defeat him! Released 29th January 2016. 

Dad’s Army: this film version of the beloved BBC comedy has lined up an excellent cast (which includes Bill Nighy, Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Gambon, Toby Jones and Daniel Mays) to bring it to the big screen. It remains to be seen if it can bring back the original magic of the television series but it is certainly a highly anticipated film for 2016. Released 5th February. 

Hail Caesar!: a new film from the Cohen brothers is always anticipated and this one looks brilliant judging by the trailer. The film sees a Hollywood fixer (Josh Brolin) dealing with all kinds of problems in just one day – including the kidnapping of an actor and an actress becoming pregnant. It has an all star cast which includes: George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum which will have plenty of audiences heading to the cinema! Released on the 5th February. 


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Jane Austen adaptations have been done quite a few times – but stick a few zombies in and you have a brand new and action packed version that will certainly get new audiences into Jane Austen. It promises to be a very modern take on a classic book. Released 5th February. 

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2: no one can resist the idea of catching up with this crazy family and what they get up to. This time around Toula and Ian are having marital problems and focusing on their troubling teenage daughter while having to help prepare for an even bigger wedding than their own. Released 25th March. 

The Jungle Book:  Disney are now recreating many of their classic animated films into live actions and it is great to see that Jungle Book is next. There will be plenty of action and special effects for a new audience to enjoy – but at the same time, this new version faces a massive challenge to be as great as the original. Released 15th April. 

The Huntsman: Winter’s War – after the huge success of Snow White and the Huntsman, it seems only fair that there was going to be a sequel to it. With a Game of Thrones vibe to it, once again the huntsman must take only not only the original evil Queen but also her younger sister the ice Queen, in what will be an epic battle. Released 22nd April. 

Alice Through the Looking Glass – Tim Burton returns to Wonderland in this sequel to his 2010 film that is bold, exciting, action packed and filled with special effects. The film is based on lewis Carroll’s follow up to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which sees the character return to Wonderland and embark on a brand new adventure. Released 27th May. 

Finding Dory – when Finding Nemo came out, everybody fell in love with Dory – the fish who couldn’t remember anything and now she gets to star in her very own film. From the trailer, you can see it has plenty of familiar faces and will be plenty of fun to watch! Released 17th June. 

The BFG – Roald Dahl’s books are always with plenty of imagination and creativity, which is why it is always a thrill to hear of a new adaptation of his work for the big screen. This film will appeal to those who remember the book when they were growing up or those who want to be introduced to his work in a different way. Released 22nd July. 

That is just a selection of the films that we will all be treated to next year – always something for everyone!


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