This unique show which combines equestrian theatre with art, music and dance arrives at Sadler’s Wells for its UK premiere in March. Watch a clip of what to expect here: 

Acclaimed French artist Bartabas makes a return to the Sadler’s Wells stage, along with contemporary flamenco dancer Andrés Marín in a show that is inspired by sacred rites.

Golgota explores the bodies of the human and animal performers through the use of Gregorian chants and physical poetry that helps to demonstrate flamenco’s creative possibilities.

Last performing at Sadler’s Wells in the 2011 in The Centaur and the Animal, alongside butoh master Ko Murobushi, Bartabas is famed for his use of horses as artistic expression and is a renowned director and stage designer.

Andrés Marín made his professional debut in 1992 and has since performed and worked as a guest artist and choreographer for a number of companies.

By focusing on the dialogue between man, horse and the music of Tomás Luis de Victoria, the production is is a rare opportunity for audiences to explore different ways at looking at flamenco as a dance, as well as a fascinating chance to see the work of two very different artists at the height of their power.

Golgota will appear at Sadler’s Wells from the 14th to the 21st March. To buy tickets visit: UK,, Theatre, Discount, Love and Theatre Tickets




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