Album Review: Travels by The Rhythm Future Quartet

The Rhythm Future Quartet revive the power of gypsy inspired music for their latest album that has plenty of exotic flavours about it to excite the listener. Rhythm Future Quartet Album Cover

From beginning to end this is an album that promises to take listeners on an exotic journey filled with vibrant music that is fast and has plenty of energy about it.

The opening half of the album that is comprised of tracks such as ‘Iberian Sunrise’, ‘For Paulus’ and ‘Travels’ all bring a vibrancy to the album that certainly puts a smile on the listener’s face. These tracks are particularly bold and confident, while showcasing a wide range of influences.

However, once you get to the halfway point of ‘Travels’, many of the songs begin to blend together and not quite have the same impact. For example ‘Bushwick Stomp’ sounds ever so slightly too over the top and chaotic that it can lose control in the performance occasionally.

Despite the overall playful and happy vibe of the album, there is also a more thoughtful and poignant side to it as well. This can be particularly noted on tracks such as ‘Still Winter’ – that is perhaps the most mournful song on the album and ‘Amsterdam’ which is slick and smooth.

It is clear that a lot of thought has gone into the creation of this album from the music to the types of performances that are delivered – ensuring that there is a perfect balance between experimenting with the gypsy sound and creating something that is completely unique.

Overall, it is a very confident album that has plenty of ideas on how to bring gypsy style music to a 21st century audience.

Travels is released on the 26th February through Magic Fiddle Music. 

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