The 2011 Foster’s Comedy Award winner returns to the Soho Theatre with a 10 strong cast which takes audiences in a bold new direction in this new show. 

Adam Riches is Coach Coach. Photographer's Credit - Idil Sukan (6) (2000x1335).jpg
Photographer credit: Idil Suken. 

Adam Riches is Coach Coach tells the story of a High School sports coach trying desperately to steer his team of losers to glory against their arch rivals in the final of the Yakult cup. What is the sport they are playing?  A version of comedian Marek Larwood’s actual sport, Volfsball, a Health and Safety friendly version of Basketball played in extremely close proximity to the 140 strong audience in the Soho Main Space.

The clock is ticking and your team are losing… The ball is in your hands… Will you take the shot? The Hail Mary that could win or lose you the game?

This latest production at Soho theatre will feature Stevie Martin, Liz Smith, Ben Target and Richard Gadd.

Talking about the show Adam Riches said: “Coach Coach is a character I have always wanted to flesh out and give more stage time to than the usual ten minutes in a multi-character show, so when the idea came to tell his story over an hour alongside a host of other actors playing a bunch of other parts, it felt like the perfect way to evolve what I had been doing before into something new and fresh.”

The show has been written and directed by Adam Riches.

Adam Riches is Coach Coach will appear at the Soho Theatre from the 14th March until the 2nd April 2016. 


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