PREVIEW: I Am The Greatest: Muhammad Ali At The O2

Following on from the hugely successful exhibition about Elvis, the O2 Arena will now focus on the world’s best known boxer Muhammad Ali in a brand new exhibition from the 4th March. 


I Am the Greatest: Muhammad Ali at the O2 will showcase the extraordinary life and career of the world’s most famous heavyweight boxer, opening at The O2 from the 4th March and running until the 31st of August.

Telling Muhammad Ali’s story from inside and outside the ring, the exhibition will feature over 100 artefacts such as unseen footage, personal memorabilia and photographs that take visitors on a journey from his humble beginnings in Kentucky to becoming one of the world’s most famous sports figures.

1960 Rome Olympic Participation Medals

The exhibition will feature a full size boxing ring at the entrance to the exhibition, providing an interactive experience through which visitors can learn more about Ali’s work ethic and boxing techniques.

Lonnie Ali says: “Muhammad and I are very excited to be part of a project that will connect Muhammad with a whole new generation of fans. The O2 has done an incredible job working with the Muhammad Ali Center to share Muhammad’s legacy and ideals with audiences around the world. The family is anticipating that we will attend this tremendous celebration of the six core principles that shaped his life.”

Some of the objects that visitors can expect to see on display include: a pair of boxing shorts and a pair of boxing gloves, signed in 2007 as ‘Cassius Clay’, Muhammad Ali’s replacement passport that was issued in Ireland in 1973 and the ‘Seconds Out’ clock from the fight between Muhammad Ali and Henry Cooper at Wembley Arena in 1963. More items from the exhibition are to be announced shortly.

Davis Miller, co-curator of the exhibition and Pulitzer Prize-nominated author of the new book, Approaching Ali, says: “Nothing like this exhibition has been done before. The goal is for each and every visitor to come away feeling that they have spent serious time in the company of – and sharing stories with – this singular and extraordinary man.” Approaching Ali will be published on 1 March by W.W.Norton to coincide with the exhibition opening.

I Am The Greatest: Muhammad Ali at the O2 runs at the venue from the 4th March and is booking until the 31st August 2016. For more information and to book tickets visit:



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