PREVIEW: The Champ: My Year with Muhammad Ali @Proud Camden

The Proud Camden will present The Champ: My Year with Muhammad Ali , a new display of photographs by Michael Gaffney, presenting Ali as a fighter, the friend and father. 

Muhammad and Laila Ali,1978. Photograph by Michael Gaffney.

Running alongside the newly opened O2 tribute exhibition I am the Greatest, this new exhibition will reveal rare and never seen before photographs of the inspirational fighter.

Photojournalist Michael Gaffney was invited to spend a year as Muhammad Ali’s personal photographer all over the world, capturing the boxer both in the ring and out of it.

The nostalgic photographs capture a very personal insight into the year of 1977 and 1978, from his career highlights as well as his family life.

Talking about the photographs Michael Gaffney said: “there was something unique about his openness, accessibility and honesty that I knew would make for great photographs of this famous sports figure.”

This display of photographs will provide an in depth look at the man behind the legend and is a definite must see for all fans of Muhammad Ali.

Float Like a Butterfly… Sting Like a Bee. Photograph by Michael Gaffney.

The Champ: My Year with Muhammad Ali is on at the Proud Camden from the 17th March to the 15th May. 

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