PREVIEW: Run @New Diorama Theatre

Running at the New Diorama Theatre from the 15th March, the new piece by Engineer Theatre Collective about the banking industry asks how far you would go to get the job of your dreams? 

Run tells the story of four investment bank interns, all desperate for an opportunity to work in the city, while at the same time delves into the humanity and everyday problems which are obscured by the glamour and grind of the square mile.

Although the story itself is entirely fictional, it is inspired the tragedy of 21 year old  intern Moritz Erhardt, who tragically died of an epileptic seizure at his London flat after reportedly working 72 hours straight.

Four ambitious twenty somethings enter the job market. What better way to start than a summer internship at a high end City bank? Motivated and hungry, they are ready to commit themselves, whatever it takes. The stakes are high.

The production has been created with input from the newest financial minds who will be running our banks and managing our pensions in 15-20 years time.

Run is directed by Jesse Fox, Simon Lyshon and George Evans. It features designs by Sarah Beaton, sound by Dominic Kennedy and lighting by Oscar Wyatt.

The cast includes: Al Jarrett, Gabriella Margulies, Charlotte Watson and Joseph Sentance.

Engineer Theatre Collective creates theatre which is designed to be visually engaging, while being ensemble-led.

Run will play at the New Diorama Theatre from the 15th March to the 9th April. 

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