Tate Britain Announces Major David Hockney Exhibition in 2017

Tate Britain has announced today that it will be presenting a major new retrospective of the work of David Hockney at the gallery next year. 


David Hockney, Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures), 1971, Private Collection. (C) David Hockney. 

Opening in February 2017, the exhibition will celebrate and examine the work of one of the most recognisable artists of our time.

This extensive display of his work will cover his achievements in painting, drawing, print, photography and video and will tour internationally to Paris and New York after its run in London.

As he reaches his 80th birthday, David Hockney still has a massive appeal to art lovers across the globe and this exhibition will offer a detailed overview of the work that he has created to date. It will be presented in chronological order, tracing the artist’s development from his appearance on the public stage as a student in 1961, through to his iconic works of the 1960s and 1970s, and on to his recent success at the Royal Academy and beyond.

The exhibition will showcase early works such as the Love paintings made in 1960 and 1961 all the way through to works such as Self Portrait with Blue Guitar 1977 and more recently his pieces that celebrate the Yorkshire landscapes.

David Hockney is an artist who has constantly adapted his style and way of working, with this new display focusing on how the roots for each new direction that he took were formed in a previous piece of art.

Talking about the new exhibition David Hockney said: “It has been a pleasure to revisit works I made decades ago, including some of my earliest paintings. Many of them seem like old friends to me now. We’re looking back over a lifetime with this exhibition, and I hope, like me, people will enjoy seeing how the roots of my new and recent work can be seen in the developments over the years.”

Meanwhile Alex Farquharson, Director, Tate Britain said: “David Hockney is without doubt one of Britain’s greatest living artists. His practice is both consistent, in its pursuit of core concerns, while also wonderfully diverse. Hockney’s impact on post-war art, and culture more generally, is inestimable, and this is a fantastic opportunity to see the full trajectory of his career to date.”

David Hockney opens at Tate Britain from the 9th February and will run until the 29th May 2017. 



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