Now on display at Tate Britain, the exhibition looks at the career of one of the most popular British artists of the twentieth century. Find out what critics have been saying about it here:

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The Guardian: **** “In some senses the subsequent 40 years of Hockney’s career look like a series of heroic attempts and strategies to manufacture the intensity of his early years.”

The Economist: “While his gift for painting the sun-kissed surfaces of his life may be well-known, this retrospective reveals that he can also capture something of its darker depths.”

The Telegraph: **** “If this show might appear too heavily weighted towards Hockney’s later work, this latter period has occupied the larger part of his career.”

Art  “Hockney’s capacity for making paintings and drawings that exude a kind of casual, effortless charm, a charismatic poise that renders everything the painter does winning, welcoming, hospitable, convivial.”

The Financial Times: “Hockney never fails to enchant the eye, but as this judiciously chosen, sensitively choreographed survey demonstrates, he also moves the spirit.”

City Am: ** “flits between brilliance and nonchalant mediocrity.”

The Daily Mail: **** “Unlike other recent Hockney shows, it gives every stage in the artist’s career equal weight.”

The Times: ***** “This retrospective helps to explain how Hockney’s work, through all its twists and turns of style, is underpinned by a determination to uncover a truth.”

Time Out: ***** “He’s an icon, a giant, an art celebrity, and he’ll leave you wobbly-kneed and fluttery-eyed like only Hockney can.”

Culture Whisper: ***** “Joyful, triumphant and tender, this show is a much needed ray of light. Unmissable.”

Evening Standard: *** “There’s no denying the masterful draughtsmanship of the artist’s early years but the second half of this vast retrospective is as crushingly awful as the first is magnificent.”

The Upcoming: ***** “what this carefully curated exhibition (successfully) seeks is to contextualise those popular images to tell a fuller, more coherent story about Hockney’s evolutionary art. Through its trajectory it reveals a serious and profound questioning of representation and its role in the way we look at the world, all expressed with witty intelligence and playful curiosity that consistently resist complacency.”

Londonist: ***** “This is a comprehensive retrospective, and these vivid works are the perfect antidote for those Londony skies outside.”

London Visitors: “This fascinating and entertaining exhibition provides plenty of evidence of Hockney’s impact on post-war art.”

David Hockney is on display at Tate Britain until the 29th May 2017. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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