This fourth album from the singer is a soul-baring and poetic attempt that shows Savoretti’s strong and consistent songwriting skills with other collaborators. 

It is certainly an album that never runs out of things to say or ways in which to say it, which is why Written in Scars is such a successful and enjoyably album to listen to from beginning to end.

There is no hesitation or doubt on which direction the album is going to take, particularly when listening to tracks such as ‘Fight ‘Til the End’ or the lovely version of Bob Dylan’s ‘Nobody ‘Cept You’ – providing a lovely compare and contrast throughout the album.

Written in Scars consistently surprises the listener, changing direction from song to song yet still with a great ability to flow along with style and grace – never sounding clunky or out of place.

As well as collaborating with writers such as Pedro Vito, Sebastian Sternberg and Samuel Dixon, Savoretti’s vocals instinctively adapt to the song, capturing the vulnerability and emotion of the tracks perfectly. This is particularly seen on ‘The Other Side of Love’, which has plenty of heart and is poetic in style but never feels over the top or unbelievable.

Everything is stripped back and laid bare that is filled with sincerity but at the same time as the album continues can begin to sound as though it is repeating the same message over and over again – despite the high quality of the songs.

It is a well constructed and thought out album that has plenty of variety but perhaps doesn’t challenge Savoretti as much as it could – that it can sound pretty safe.  This means that the main issue with the album is that because it is very thoughtful and poignant, it is also very subtle that some listeners might find themselves losing patience occasionally.

But this shouldn’t put off any fans and the album certainly will have a strong ability to attract new listeners to his work. A strong, thoughtful, emotional and refreshing album designed to

A new double disc edition of Written in Scars is available to buy and download from Amazon now. 


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