Review Roundup…Firebird @Trafalgar Studios

Following a sold-out run at the Hampstead Theatre, this debut play by Phil Davies and directed by Edward Hall arrives at the Trafalgar Studios

The Independent: **** Holly Williams thought that the production : ” reminds us of the class politics at play in the real-life neglect of troubled white working class girls.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “Hall certainly knows how to keep things going at a thriller-ish pace.”

British ***** Helena Payne wrote that: “Firebird offers a glimmer of hope, a phoenix if you will, in the ashes of the seemingly boundless brutality.”

The Stage: *** Lauren Mooney found: “Firebird is an agonisingly upsetting play that can at times, in its unremitting bleakness, feel almost voyeuristic.”

The Reviews Hub: ***** Madelaine Bowman commented: “Firebird deserves the highest praise for tackling with profound integrity and compassion for the affected children a subject that is all too often swept under the carpet.”

Theatre Bubble: *** Alex Wood said: “Firebird is a play that attempts to do a huge amount in a short amount of time; the cast here shine in a show that deals out a lot while leaving unfortunately less to chew on.”

Londonist: ***** Lettie McKie summed the production up saying: “The sexual exploitation of teenagers in the UK is a grim reality that many would rather ignore, but this play brings it to light with rare eloquence. ”

Evening Standard: *** Henry Hitchings wrote: “the performances in Edward Hall’s intimate production are sharp, and newcomer Callie Cooke makes a keen impression as Tia”

Jonathan Baz thought: “Davies is to be saluted. Whilst his writing is sometimes patchy, Firebird is a brave and contemporary play that tackles a horrendous situation, head on.”

Firebird is on at the Trafalgar Studios until the 19th March. To book tickets visit: ATG Tickets

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