Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart return in the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen – has making the sequel paid off? 

The Guardian: ** ” surprisingly cheap-looking digital effects.”

Empire: ** “the most daftly plotted action movie of recent years.”

The Telegraph: ** “The film fleetingly comes into its own when it shakes off any pretensions of plot or message and allows itself to become the video game it so desperately wants to be.”

Variety: “there’s something coldly snarling and vindictive about its sequel’s flag waving.”

Den of Geek: “But this is still a poor action film, a digital sequel that wastes its generous budget.”

Hollywood Reporter: “London Has Fallen is actually more plausible at its core, if not in its details, which is partly why it succeeds in laying claim to an audience’s attention for the entirety of its swift running time.”

The Upcoming: *** “There’s an impression that this film doesn’t take itself too seriously and that’s a good thing. It allows you to enjoy the movie for the classic shoot ‘em up that it really is, and a fun one at that.”

Movie Web: “London Has Fallen works as a pure action movie.”

Nottingham Post: “London Has Fallen delivers all of the high-decibel thrills and spills that fans will demand, but little more.”

Forbes: “the violence is often sadistic to a degree that’s arguably needless, and knows it.”

The Wrap: “this is one of those sequels that is essentially a remake, with various details changed to give the illusion of freshness.”

Indiewire: “Brash, brutal, and simplistic in equal measure, it’s a retrograde work that, for better and worse, delivers its old-school mayhem with punishing precision and unrepentant glee.”

Richmond & Twickenham Times: “Devoid of much intelligence (and relentlessly pro-America), this is still a fast-paced, scenery-chewing, good-looking explosion-fest that will doubtless pick up a loyal fanbase.”

The Hollywood News: **** “In our eyes, more thrilling than the action-packed original. Quite literally a blast.”

London Has Fallen is released in cinemas on the 3rd March. 



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